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Powder Blending

Brand Packaging uses top-of-the-line blending equipment for our blending processes. technical and formulation staff possess the experience and know-how necessary to produce powders for a multitude of nutritional supplements.

Beyond just the formulas, we are quite capable of customizing your product taste profile and product appearance to perfectly suit your target market.

Our in-house flavor experts will custom-craft a delectable flavor system for your dietary nutrition or sports supplements powder. We keep hundreds of flavor additives on-site, providing us the opportunity to work expeditiously and efficiently to accomplish the target flavor. Flavors can be sourced from natural or artificial extracts – they may even combine both. There are also choices for the primary sweetener such as natural cane sugar, stevia, sucralose or aspartame. Powder color may also be further adjusted by blending in natural or artificial dyes – ask your production specialist for more information on these options.

Brand Packaging specializes in a proven process for manufacturing powdered dietary nutrition and sports supplements products. We offer innovative and trending solutions that address the many challenges that dietary nutrition and sports supplements brands may encounter when creating their products.

Our understanding of what it takes to make even the most complex and demanding nutritional powder has rightly placed us at the forefront of the industry. We are one of the leading companies when it comes to formulating and producing high-quality nutritional powders and dry beverages that are exceptionally functional.

Because of our reputation, we have been able to secure business with clients that include renowned companies and startups. Our ability to produce products that are tailored to clients’ specifications make us the “go to” Powder Pros. Clients know that they can always depend on us for continued success.


Our Equipment

Our IBC blending system, V-Blender suites and Ribbon blenders are the backbone of our blending processes. This cutting-edge machinery continuously splits and recombines the raw ingredients, producing a precise blend that's ideal for supplemental purposes. We are able to produce large quantities on tight deadlines, thanks to this equipment. This makes us an ideal match for clients of all shapes and sizes.

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