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Solution Approach

With our practical problem/solution approach and wide variety of services and capabilities, we can handle all your packaging needs. Whether you need a product package and design, a system to maintain inventory, a unique printing challenge or a sterile packaging facility, we can do it. 


Packaging Solutions: Secondary Packaging Services

From pouch packs to stick packs, solid-dose to multi-dose, your product will be safely sealed in the appropriate packaging that is also convenient for your customers to use. 


Inventory Control: Inventory and Component Management

We have the technology and systems to keep track of your inventory and replenish your stock at regular intervals. We’ll keep the flow of your product onto store shelves and into your customers’ hands.


Printing Solutions: Flexographic Printing of Labels and Film

Because of our singular relationships with leaders in the printing industry, we offer advanced technologies and the versatility to print vivid color on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metallic films, and cellophane.


Folding Cartons: Manufacturing of Folding Cartons & Displays

We design and manufacture smart and effective folding cartons, and can create point-of-purchase displays that are easy-to-distribute and easy-to-use in store aisles and counter tops.


State-of- the-Art Facility

At our modern manufacturing facility, our experienced engineers and machinists use the most advanced technology to meet production timetables and assure consistent quality.


Clean Room Level Sterile Facility

Multiple stations in our state-of-the-art facility are clean-room quality and dedicated to the packaging of materials requiring a contaminate-free packaging environment.

Brand Packaging Group is vertically integrated to meet all your packaging needs.