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We Are The Powder Pros™

Powder Manufacturing

We love manufacturing custom powdered supplements, because we’re great at it. We have direct access to trending source ingredients. We own and operate direct from our state-of-the-art facility, featuring cutting-edge manufacturing machinery.

Beyond just the formula, we are quite capable of customizing your product taste profile and product appearance to perfectly suit your target market.

Our in-house flavor experts will custom-craft a delectable flavor system for your dietary nutrition or sports supplements powder. We keep hundreds of flavor additives on-site, providing us the opportunity to work expeditiously and efficiently to accomplish the target flavor. Flavors can be sourced from natural or artificial extracts – they may even combine both. There are also choices for the primary sweetener such as natural cane sugar, stevia, sucralose or aspartame. Powder color may also be further adjusted by blending in natural or artificial dyes – ask your production specialist for more information on these options.

Brand Nutra specializes in a proven process for manufacturing powdered dietary nutrition and sports supplements products. We offer innovative and trending solutions that address the many challenges that dietary nutrition and sports supplements brands may encounter when creating their products.

Our understanding of what it takes to make even the most complex and demanding nutritional powder has rightly placed us at the forefront of the industry. We are one of the leading companies when it comes to formulating and producing high-quality nutritional powders and dry beverages that are exceptionally functional.

Because of our reputation, we have been able to secure business with clients that include renowned companies and startups. Our ability to produce products that are tailored to clients’ specifications make us the “go to” Powder Pros. Clients know that they can always depend on us for continued success.

Delicious Great Tasting Powders!

When it comes to your success as a sports supplement or dietary nutrition brand, it’s your manufacturing that matters the most. Choosing the right manufacturer is perhaps the most critical decision you will ever make as a brand. Consider the supplement industry and think about the ever-evolving changes that consistently take place. You must be on top of your game and your manufacturer must be ahead of these changes, ready to quickly adapt, so that your brand doesn’t get left behind.

Brand Nutra is a globally recognized contact manufacturer driven by producing the industry’s most successful, best tasting dietary nutrition and sport supplement products. We have everything you need to stay ahead of your competition. We know the landscape like no other and we quickly adapt to changes, so that yu can stay focused on your core market strategies. Our seasoned team of professionals remain focused and committed on your product through the entire manufacturing process, so that the end-product is precisely what your product needs to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace.

We Are The Industry Leaders

Our vast manufacturing capabilities and unrivaled speed-to-market are why we’re one of the leading powder manufacturers in the industry.

Sports Nutrition + Health and Wellness

Dietary nutrition and sports supplements are our specialty. The market is not only massive but continues to expand exponentially. When it comes to providing nutritional powders that are both scientifically sound and exceptionally tasting, Brand Nutra dictates the industry standards.

An Extension of Your Organization

We collaborate with you for your success. Many of our clients have discovered the benefits of focusing on sales and marketing, while they leave us to handle the challenges of developing and manufacturing their products. With the highest level of confidentiality, we will work with your team to produce products based on your specifications and cost requirements. We will also highlight and maintain your brand’s integrity.

As a specialist in custom blended powders, we understand the most complex and demanding nutritional powder product requirements in the marketplace.

Service Portfolio

  • Custom Formulations Development
  • Flavor and Sweetener System Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Package and Label Development
  • Supplement Facts Panel Development
  • Private Labeling
  • Product Line Extensions
  • Ingredients Sourcing & Testing
  • Toll Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Product Development



At Brand Nutra, we believe that the sum of our work is no greater than its parts. This is why we are dedicated to purchasing the highest-quality ingredients and providing you the greatest supplement product outcome. Each and every one of our ingredients is rigorously tested for both quality and purity assurance. Our goal is to create supplements that not only taste great, but also deliver on all product claims.

We are selective with who we work with, because we choose to work only with the best. This helps to ensure that your products sell repeatedly. We know what it takes to develop successful brands.

We aim to satisfy our customers every chance we get. We are passionate about our work and value our clients.

Process Overview

To simplify a very complex set of processes we've outlined an abbreviated set of steps that we carry-out on most projects.


Project Kickoff

When you kick off any project with Brand Nutra, you’ll be introduced to a dedicated production manager right here in our labs via a conference call. This representative will be your primary point of contact as you work together to build your ideal supplement. They will plan your project and talk you though all of the details.


Samples and Approval

Once your formulation is defined, we’ll source the ingredients and run samples. We’ll then send you samples of your powder based supplements for approval. Many of our clients find these samples useful for tasting the flavor system we developed, along with testing the efficacy of the powdered blend. – Some even go as far as sending these samples to marketing departments for focus groups.


Manufacturing, Testing & QA

Following your approval, we’ll prepare batching instructions, manufacture your formula and submit any paperwork required by regulatory guidelines. We’ll conduct testing analysis and quality assurance on your formulas by testing them in our lab and through third party labs. Need your product certified? No problem we’ll assist you in getting your product certified – here are some of the many we’re familiar with: Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, or organic.

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